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日本とニュージーランドの年末年始!Surprising end of year and new year in Japan!

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Credit Photo: Akihiro Sato/ Hair: Yoko/ Makeup: Ai /Kimono dresser: Chihiro Ogawa
Stylist: Seiko Kimono/ provided by: Kimono Experience &Bilingual Kimono Coordinator




「The end of the year and start of the new year」

I’m a wee bit late however let me say a warm happy new year to you all!
How was your new years? I hope it was good? I spent new years eve relaxing at home and new years day at my husbands parents house where, like every year we gave new year greetings and had something to eat together with extended family.
I think that maybe its not only the seasons that are opposite with Japan and New Zealand, but also the way to spend both Christmas and New Years!
Let me explain! Starting with Christmas which is a public holiday in New Zealand, many people spend the 25th together with their family enjoying Christmas lunch or dinner. At my own house in Auckland even after you became an adult Christmas was a time spend together with family.
When I first came to Japan, my first ever Christmas was a big surprise! More than being a Christian event, the emphasis was placed on enjoying and having fun in winter. I was most surprised that it wasn’t Christmas Day but Christmas Eve that was celebrated, and with unmarried girlfriends and boyfriends more than family! After living in Japan for 13 years I am finally used to being at work on the 25th! That being said I love Christmas in Japan! The beautiful illuminations at night make me feel happy and enjoy the season.
Of course after Christmas finishes, new years eve and new years day rolls around! New Zealand gets to see in the new year approximately 4 hours ahead of Japan. I was receiving messages from friends and family in New Zealand from about 8pm Japan time!
My parents saw in the new year whilst sipping on champagne! On new years day they took it easy popping out for brunch with friends.
When I lived in New Zealand I would often spend new years eve out with friends, and new years day going shopping or having lunch out.
So after coming to Japan I was quite surprised to see that many of my friends would finish work for the year, leave their flat and go and stay with their family for one week or so over the new years period. I was impressed that they took that time to go back and be with their families.
There are many reasons such as the seasons, religion etc that play a factor in the way people in Japan and New Zealand spend Christmas and new years. Some things are the same but some are the opposite! Both are equally as interesting and important. Thanks for reading! I hope the year of the Rooster 2017 is a wonderful year for you!





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Jessica Gerrity Was born in Auckland, graduated with a Masters of Planning from Auckland University. She came to Japan in 2003 as a 23 year old English teacher with no Japanese language ability. For the past 10 years she has worked on tv and radio as a TV personality representing New Zealand. Most recently she has appeared regularly in a show on TV Asahi called Sugoidesune Shisatsudan.She has professional experience in HR, recruitment, teaching English as a second language, and management of social media.Jessica has 3 children: 8, 5 and 2.5 years old In her spare time she loves to run, and hopes to join a Japanese archery class in the new year. She has a broad range of interests from Japanese cars to cooking.

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -

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